MEAUI is pronounced as 'Mooij', derived from the Dutch word 'Mooi' meaning 'Beautiful' in English.

Hi there! 

This is me, Kim, the proud owner of this colorful brand. I would like to introduce you to my very special company called MEAUI. STUDIO, created for you.

My mission is to inspire people to appreciate the beauty of life on a daily basis, particularly when we are healthy. I believe that life is meant to be celebrated together and that we should not take it too seriously. 

I learned the true purpose of life when I lost my health nine years ago. For 4,5 years I was confined to my bed in darkness, with sunglasses on and in a lot of pain. During this time, the only thing I was able to do was surviving and writing. A lot of writing. I wrote about all the beautiful things in life. I mean... I even had the possibility to write, lay in a comfy and warm bed, was able to take hot showers, drink all day, eat food whenever I wanted. I felt myself happier and more blessed than ever, isn't that weird? I focused on the positives and never gave up hope for a better tomorrow. In the summer of 2022, my life changed because of a medicine for my migraines. 'The summer of 2022' was the most amazing summer in ages. Then it actually happened: MEAUI. STUDIO was born. It feels like MEAUI. STUDIO is a brand from the real me, I can finally express myself exactly the way I want.

Although I am not at full strength, I am partly able to live my life again. As a result of focussing on everything good. I see the world with my pink glasses on. I believe that everyone deserves to love and celebrate life. Don't wait, just do and don't regret the things you did. We never know what tomorrow may bring, carpe diem baby’s! I've learned never to give up, to believe in myself, to fall and rise, over and over again. Accept whatever comes your way and never be ashamed of your own story. Follow your dreams. If I can do it, everyone can do it. 

Hopefully my story inspires you to do the same and to pursue your own happiness. Check out my webshop and enjoy the products made with love. I can't wait to hear your stories!

With love,