The Effects Of Color in Your Daily Life

At MEAUI. STUDIO, we believe that color plays a very important role in everyone's life. Colors may have a powerful impact on our moods, behavior, emotions and perception of the world around us*. They can evoke feelings of happiness, calmness, energy, creativity, confidence and even on pain perception. Understanding the psychology of colors can help you make intentional choices when it comes to decorating your living spaces, the design of your store or workplace.

The most important colors for MEAUI. STUDIO have all been given a name that fits with what the color can possibly do to your mood. Below we will explain more about these color functions.

These functions have a significant meaning for the message that MEAUI. STUDIO wants to convey - to inspire everyone to stand in their own power, take care of themselves, and pursue their dreams. Your MEAUI. STUDIO mirror is not just a mirror, it's a mirror that inspires you every day to make the most out of your life and it supports what you need in your desired environment. A colorful piece of art.

Purple | Inspiring Purple

Purple is often associated with creativity, wisdom, imagination, and luxury. It can have a calming and soothing effect on the mind, which can be helpful in reducing anxiety and stress. In color psychology, purple is also associated with spiritual growth and transformation, making it a great color for meditation and mindfulness practices. It can also have a concentration-promoting effect.

Soft Pink | Youthful Pink

Soft pink is a soothing color that can promote feelings of comfort and warmth. It's often associated with romance, tenderness and femininity. It can create a calming effect and can be used in bedrooms or living spaces to promote relaxation.

Candy Pink | Playful Pink

Candy pink is a playful and energetic color that can evoke feelings of joy and excitement. It's often associated with youth and can be a great choice for children's rooms or playrooms.

Cobalt Blue | Powerful Blue

Cobalt blue is a strong and powerful color that can promote feelings of confidence and courage. It's often used in branding and marketing to convey strength and trustworthiness. It can be a great color to incorporate into your life for an extra boost of confidence.

Pastel Blue | Calming Blue

Pastel blue is a soft and calming color that can promote feelings of peace and tranquility. It's often associated with the sky and the ocean, making it a great choice for bedrooms. Pastel blue can also promote mental clarity and focus.

Pastel Yellow | Carefree Yellow

Pastel yellow is a cheerful and uplifting color that can promote feelings of happiness and positivity. It's often used in nurseries and children's rooms to create a playful and cheerful environment. It can also promote mental clarity and stimulate creativity.

Green | Balance Green

Green is often associated with nature and can promote feelings of harmony and balance. It can create a calming effect and is often used in bedrooms and living spaces to promote relaxation. Green is also associated with growth and renewal, making it a great color to incorporate into your workspace.

Orange | Optimistic Orange

Orange is a warm and energetic color that can promote feelings of excitement and enthusiasm. Orange is a real mood booster. It also stimulates mental activity, which is helpful during work or reading. Orange can also stimulate creativity and promote mental clarity.

Do you experience completely different feelings with the above-mentioned colors? That's totally fine and normal, because as mentioned below*, everyone has their own association with color.

We hope that you make a choice that suits you and makes you happy, because that is the most important thing. If you have any questions or doubts about which color to choose, feel free to send us an email at We also offer a sample service if you are unsure whether the color will match your interior. After placing an order, we will start creating your unique mirror. In the meantime, you have time to think about the color and we will send you the color samples of your choice.


* The meanings and associations of colors, however, are subjective and can vary depending on culture, personal experiences, and context. Therefore, the interpretation of above mentioned colors and the emotions it evokes can be different for different people.