BARBAPAPA Collection

A 'Japandi meets Funky' collection that reminds you of a very famous colorful French animated series in which the main character is not only incredibly sweet and helpful but also has the ability to change his shape so that he can always solve all the problems that come his way.

Coincidentally, or perhaps not?, shortly thereafter the word 'Barbapapa' was first included in the Dutch dictionary. It now officially means: 'for those who are flexible or adaptable'.

This aligns so beautifully with the powerful message MEAUI. STUDIO likes to spread: as a human, you are so extremely resilient. You are mentally flexible enough to handle all the difficulties that come your way. Trust in your own determination and never give up. You can change your mental shape all the time.

After MEAUI. STUDIO, commissioned by, created a design for the Dutch VT wonen&design fair, it quickly became clear what the design should look like. MEAUI. STUDIO was kindly asked to align the design with the Japandi style. Since we want to maintain our own funky and cheerful identity in every design, it had to be a mix of both styles. The result is this elegant, cute and cheerful Barbapapa collection.

This new collection is available since April 10th 2024. We started with the mirrors that have a soft polished concrete finish in some natural colors. But we will expand to include many more colors that complement our existing Celebrate Life collection. In the near future this mirror will be available in different sizes. It's the combination of materials and colors that can create a beautiful whole together. That's the exciting part about this new mirror line—you can hang them in various sizes and colors together. It's going to be a lot of fun!

TrendZ 2024

As a young and upcoming designer I got invited to showcase my mirror collections as an inspiration for the visitors of this big b2b event at the designers area. For the first time I showcased this new Jumbo Barbapapa mirror to the public. The frame is made from the finest 100% PEFC wood and is finished with soft polished concrete in color Terracotta.

Together with other young designers we made this beautiful photo. All designs complement each other.